Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hasbro Star Wars AT-ST Legacy Collection

Hasbro released a new All Terrain - Scout Transport (AT-ST) as part of the Star Wars Legacy Collection. This new release is closer to the movie AT-ST. One omission is the hind leg support which in the actual studio model appears to be a metal spring. The wire support around the top of the AT-ST is also of a different shape. However, this AT-ST has a full range of articulation and for the first time, you can pose it in a squatting position, which is probably the position for boarding the AT-ST. There is also enough room inside the AT-ST for 2 figures to sit side by side. The view ports can also be opened. An AT-ST driver is included with this toy. You also get another set of chin turrets that fire projectiles (not shown in these pictures). The Hasbro AT-ST cost S$89.90 and is a little expensive.

AT-ST in squatting position. Figures from left - Sand trooper, Lt Janek Sunber (from the Janek Sunber & Amanin Comic Pack), & AT-ST Driver (included in this toy). The bottom of the AT-ST almost touches the ground with its the 2 bottom armour plates in this position. You can also pose it with its legs closer to the body and at a lower height which makes it very compact - a great way to store this toy.

Side view of the AT-ST in squatting position.

AT-ST driver aboard the AT-ST. The entire top (including the hatch) can be opened for 2 figures to be seated inside.

AT-ST squatting at a higher position.

At-ST at full height

This AT-ST is scaled quite nicely with the 3 3/4" figures.

The AT-ST is one of the taller Hasbro toys in the 3 3/4" range.

Close up of the AT-ST driver