Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Grado Prestige Series Model SR60i and HD414 pads (reverse quarter mod)

Back in 2009, I bought a Grado Prestige Series SR60i Padded Headphones. Since then, I have been enjoying the great Grado sound. The original Grado S-Cush pads eventually wore out and I bought a pair of Grado L-Cush pads ("holey pads" - donut shaped pads for Grados) as a replacement. After some time, these pads were also worn out (bits of black sponge started to crumble off).

So, I got a pair of Sennheiser HD414 yellow ear pads. These are known to fit the Grado SR60i. The stock pads do fit the Grado SR60i but because they are closed pads (like the original Grado SR60i comfy pads), the sound is not so "open". Hence, I decided to open them up with the so called "reverse quarter mod".

Sennheiser HD414 pads are packed with this label

The reverse quarter mod refers to taking an American quarter and using it as a guide to cut a hole in the HD414 pads. The "reverse" part refers to using this newly cut hole to stretch over the Grado cans. It is "reversed" in the sense that you are using the "ear side" of the pads on the cans and the original hole now sits on your ears. Do take note that you do not turn the pads inside out.

Since I am from Singapore and do not have an American quarter on me, I used a Singaporean 50 cents coin as it is almost the same diameter.

Place the Singaporean 50 cents (or American quarter) on the inside of the HD414 pads and use a sharp knife to cut around it

You will end up with something like this

Here's how it looks like with the center part removed

Take this pad with the new hole facing the Grado SR60i cans...

...and stretch them over the cans. Don't worry, the pads are quite stretchy. Remember, use the 50 cents (quarter) hole to stretch over the cans.

All done. Enjoy your funky yellow coloured Grado!

So far the Grado with HD414 pads are sounding great. The HD414 pads are softer and get less hot than the original Grado pads. They are also lighter and seem to have more air in them (more porous). I hope they last a little longer. They do cost less than the Grado pads. Hope you enjoyed this guide.

Grado Prestige Series Model SR60i and HD414 pads (reverse quarter mod)

Grado Prestige Series Model SR60i and HD414 pads (reverse quarter mod)