Monday, March 26, 2012

New iPad (2012 version) - What's cooking Tim?

When the new iPad was launched earlier this month, I immediately got one. I was in the market for another iPad. The new graphic processors and retina display swayed me to get this over the iPad 2.

The iPad performed wonderfully for a few days and then suddenly it decided to flicker its bright LED backlight intermittently.

iPad broadway LED lights

This became a constant problem as the screen became too bright to work on. It almost looks like a broadway stage if you turn it on its side. The set was deemed unusable and I returned it.

Soon after, I started reading about the excessive heat from the new iPad. There is even a picture of an iPad frying an egg. While I had my iPad, I did notice that it was warmer than the old iPad 2 but it was not so obvious if you have installed a back cover. There was also a case of dropped synchronization from my colleague when he tried to sync with a PC.

So while I am a heavy Mac user and am rather committed to the Apple ecosystem; I will be waiting for production of the new iPad to stabilize and for any other issues to surface before I get another iPad. So, if you have a new iPad, please test it fully to ensure that it is in good working condition. I am currently back on the old iPad 2.