Friday, June 08, 2012

Software Development in the 21st Century

Attended a talk - Software Development in the 21st Century, by Martin Fowler yesterday evening. It was great to catch up on some of the new practices and innovations that are being adopted in the area of IT. One interesting point is the differences in strategic versus utility projects. Typically, packaged software are good for utility projects but does not give an organization a competitive edge. It's basically what "the other guys" have. Custom systems and software are usually more suited to strategic goal and tend to be higher risks but would give an organization a competitive edge. This also reminded me if the blue ocean red ocean strategies. This, the status quo or what "the other guys" are doing is usually not gonna reaping benefits.

Monday, March 26, 2012

New iPad (2012 version) - What's cooking Tim?

When the new iPad was launched earlier this month, I immediately got one. I was in the market for another iPad. The new graphic processors and retina display swayed me to get this over the iPad 2.

The iPad performed wonderfully for a few days and then suddenly it decided to flicker its bright LED backlight intermittently.

iPad broadway LED lights

This became a constant problem as the screen became too bright to work on. It almost looks like a broadway stage if you turn it on its side. The set was deemed unusable and I returned it.

Soon after, I started reading about the excessive heat from the new iPad. There is even a picture of an iPad frying an egg. While I had my iPad, I did notice that it was warmer than the old iPad 2 but it was not so obvious if you have installed a back cover. There was also a case of dropped synchronization from my colleague when he tried to sync with a PC.

So while I am a heavy Mac user and am rather committed to the Apple ecosystem; I will be waiting for production of the new iPad to stabilize and for any other issues to surface before I get another iPad. So, if you have a new iPad, please test it fully to ensure that it is in good working condition. I am currently back on the old iPad 2.