Sunday, February 28, 2016

Shure 215K Sound Isolating Earphones

I've had the Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver for over a year now and it has been quite an impressive performer. Here's a short review of this interesting product that has provided me with some peace and quiet at my workplace.

What's in the box?

The SE215-K comes in a sturdy white and cyan colored box with a window showing the translucent blue earphones.

Included in the box is a pouch; a small plastic bag containing - extra foam tips in different sizes and a cleaning tool; and the Shure SE215-K earphones.

The SE215-K earphones

The SE215-K comes with translucent blue housings. You can see the drivers and circuits under good lighting. I found them very pleasing to the eye. 


The cleaning tool is used to dig out any ear wax that may have accumulated on the inside of the foam tips after some use.

In my usage for over a year, I have not had the chance to use the cleaning tool as my ear does not really have a lot of wax.

The cable swivels and is removable - just carefully pull it out. The connectors appear to be gold plated.

To reconnect just firmly push it back in until it clicks.

The Fit

These earphones hook onto your ears in an unconventional way. There is a stiff wire that curls around the top of your ears while the foam tips expand into your ear, sealing out any outside sound. Compared to an active noise cancelling earphones, these actually do quite a good job of blocking out any sound. I use these in the office and it does block out a fair amount of office chatter, especially with some music playing. These are very comfortable once you get them on. They do take a little time to put on because of the way it hooks around your ears. So if you need to take them off often while using them, you will find it quite frustrating. 

The Sound

These have a fair amount of bass in them. I found the bass tight and not overwhelming. Instrument separation was ok for an earphone. Sound stage was surprising good for an earphone. I find myself using these more then my Creative Aurvana In-Ear3 (which I still keep at my workplace) despite the more elaborate way of putting them on.


The SE215-K is quite worth the price I paid in terms of comfort and sound. I did find putting them on and taking them off to be quite a hassle. They sound good connected to my iPhone 6 Plus without any external amplification which means I don't have to bring about an extra bit of gear. The included pouch is quite handy for keeping the oddly shaped SE215-K with the stiff wire/hooks. It has replaced the Aurvana In-Ear3 which I had been using previously.