Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Apple iPhone 4 & my free apps

After posting my previous iPhone 4 post on free apps, I have added a few more free ones!

  1. Genius Scan : A camera for recording documents like a flatbed scanner.

  2. Vint Shift : A camera with tilt-shift lens simulation.

  3. Morelomo : A camera with lomo effects.

  4. Runkeeper Free : Helps keep track of your running.

  5. X Invasion 2 Lite : Nice little flight simulator.

  6. Grammar Jammers Primary Edition : Teaches basic grammer.

Multitask Apps

I've also discovered that double clicking on the big iPhone 4 front bottom button will show all multitasking programs running in the background. You can quickly switch between them. To kill them you just have to hold it long enough until it shakes. To get back to your apps page, just click the button again.

Create folders

To create your own folders just hold the apps icon till it shakes and then pull it together with another icon to form a folder. The phone will suggest a folder name which you can change.

My Halo Collection

My Halo collection!

With Halo: Reach coming out soon, I have gathered most of my Halo collection here! Am looking forward to launch date on 14 September 2010!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Halo: Reach

Updated: Added a new clip introducing Noble Team!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 & my free apps

Currently using an Apple iPhone 4 and keeping the Omnia 2 for GPS and as a spare phone. The "grip of death" seem to be a little overly hyped and I have not had any dropped calls so far. Maybe because Singapore is saturated by 3 phone companies broadcasting their signals. Most of the time its full bars and the worst I got was 2 bars of signal strength.

My son loves playing games and reading children books on it. I must admit, one of the reasons for getting this phone was to keep him entertained while I am driving or on the Internet.

Here's what I have installed on mine - all free:

  1. Gorillacam : Adds some cool features to the camera like self timer, timer lapse, digital anti-shake, bubble level, grid and 3 shot burst mode!
  2. Facebook : Direct link to facebook for updates including photos
  3. iBooks : Read and buy ebooks
  4. The Straits Times : Keep up with the local news
  5. Channel News Asia : Keep up with the local news
  6. New York Times : Keep up with world news
  7. Razor TV : Local Internet TV
  8. Hungry Go Where : Food guide
  9. Stanza : Read ebooks, epub, pdf, txt, cbr, etc. Even allows you to load your own ebooks from your hard drive - through iTunes!
  10. Carparks SG : Real time car park lot information
  11. Traffic Cam SG : Keeps track of local traffic
  12. Comic Touch : Adds comic touches to your photos including speech bubbles!
  13. Adobe Photoshop Express : Yup, a mini Photoshop app! Free!
  14. Windows Live Messenger : Who would have thought.... Microsoft Messenger
  15. Runkeeper : App for running. Keeps track of distance covered
  16. Angry Birds Lite : Good game, up to 12 levels free!
  17. Cooking Mama Lite : Simple game for the wife and kid
  18. Puzzle Bobble Lite : Classic game
  19. Read Me Stories : 7 free stories.
    Update: It expires after 7 days too.
  20. Ice Tycoon : Game in which you serve ice cream to different customers
  21. Feed Me! : Educational game with 2 free stages. Free stages covers the alphabet, number series, simple math, simple logical problems, associations. The kid loves it.
    Update: If you click on any of the Buy options, it gets stuck there if you don't buy it. You can delete and re-sync it back to "reset" it. Its cheap though, so I may buy it one day.
  22. Can Shooter : Game in which you throw cans into a bin
  23. Little Bella's - I Close My Eyes Lite : One animated story
  24. Tap Tap Revenge 3 - Game which looks a little like guitar hero
  25. Asphalt 5 Free - Car racing game

I switch to Airplane mode when I pass the phone to my kid to play. Here's how: Settings - Airplane Mode - On.

And to further prevent in-game purchases: Settings - General - Restrictions - In-App Purchases - Off. Your have to turn it back on for things like iBook because its considered and in-app purchase. I leave this off by default.

Its been a fun phone so far. I've also linked my office email to this. Its a pity I cannot open Word or Excel documents unless I purchase an app. Yes, 50 emails waiting...