Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dell S2715H Sound from built in Speakers - Equaliser Settings

I recently moved my Mac Mini to a new table and connected a Dell S2715H monitor via HDMI. The table has limited space and I wasn't able to move the desktop speakers I had been using on my Mac. Hence, I had to make do with the built-in speakers on the Dell S2715H monitor. The built-in speakers sounded horrible.

In a desperate attempt to alleviate myself from audio torment, I started to play around with the iTunes equaliser settings. Turns out you can get reasonably acceptable sound from the built-in speakers. After much tuning, here are the settings I have set on iTunes.

Equaliser settings for the Dell S2715H monitor (using iTunes equaliser)

So if you do have this nice 27 inch full HD monitor and do not like the sound coming from the built-in speakers, perhaps you can try these equaliser settings. These should also work if you are on a Windows PC and using the same monitor.

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