Friday, September 04, 2009

Lego Airplane Mechanic 7901

Here's a little Lego set that I like. Its the Airplane Mechanic from the City theme range. You get quite a lot of tiny pieces of tools including a drip and an oil can (not in these pics). The jet engine should be similar to one of the passenger airplane sets. The design of the jet engine looks like a typical commercial jet turbofan.

Overall view of the set. The jet engine can be hoisted up using the ball-jointed hook.

Close up of the jet engine on the hoist. The turbofan blades can rotate and come in a metallic black color.

Another angle of the jet engine and the smiley mechanic.

The tools are stored on a rack.

A dolly is supplied to wheel the jet engine around.

Removing the compressor fan, you can see right through the jet engine.

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