Saturday, August 21, 2010

Apple iPhone 4 & my free apps

Currently using an Apple iPhone 4 and keeping the Omnia 2 for GPS and as a spare phone. The "grip of death" seem to be a little overly hyped and I have not had any dropped calls so far. Maybe because Singapore is saturated by 3 phone companies broadcasting their signals. Most of the time its full bars and the worst I got was 2 bars of signal strength.

My son loves playing games and reading children books on it. I must admit, one of the reasons for getting this phone was to keep him entertained while I am driving or on the Internet.

Here's what I have installed on mine - all free:

  1. Gorillacam : Adds some cool features to the camera like self timer, timer lapse, digital anti-shake, bubble level, grid and 3 shot burst mode!
  2. Facebook : Direct link to facebook for updates including photos
  3. iBooks : Read and buy ebooks
  4. The Straits Times : Keep up with the local news
  5. Channel News Asia : Keep up with the local news
  6. New York Times : Keep up with world news
  7. Razor TV : Local Internet TV
  8. Hungry Go Where : Food guide
  9. Stanza : Read ebooks, epub, pdf, txt, cbr, etc. Even allows you to load your own ebooks from your hard drive - through iTunes!
  10. Carparks SG : Real time car park lot information
  11. Traffic Cam SG : Keeps track of local traffic
  12. Comic Touch : Adds comic touches to your photos including speech bubbles!
  13. Adobe Photoshop Express : Yup, a mini Photoshop app! Free!
  14. Windows Live Messenger : Who would have thought.... Microsoft Messenger
  15. Runkeeper : App for running. Keeps track of distance covered
  16. Angry Birds Lite : Good game, up to 12 levels free!
  17. Cooking Mama Lite : Simple game for the wife and kid
  18. Puzzle Bobble Lite : Classic game
  19. Read Me Stories : 7 free stories.
    Update: It expires after 7 days too.
  20. Ice Tycoon : Game in which you serve ice cream to different customers
  21. Feed Me! : Educational game with 2 free stages. Free stages covers the alphabet, number series, simple math, simple logical problems, associations. The kid loves it.
    Update: If you click on any of the Buy options, it gets stuck there if you don't buy it. You can delete and re-sync it back to "reset" it. Its cheap though, so I may buy it one day.
  22. Can Shooter : Game in which you throw cans into a bin
  23. Little Bella's - I Close My Eyes Lite : One animated story
  24. Tap Tap Revenge 3 - Game which looks a little like guitar hero
  25. Asphalt 5 Free - Car racing game

I switch to Airplane mode when I pass the phone to my kid to play. Here's how: Settings - Airplane Mode - On.

And to further prevent in-game purchases: Settings - General - Restrictions - In-App Purchases - Off. Your have to turn it back on for things like iBook because its considered and in-app purchase. I leave this off by default.

Its been a fun phone so far. I've also linked my office email to this. Its a pity I cannot open Word or Excel documents unless I purchase an app. Yes, 50 emails waiting...

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