Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Apple iPhone 4 & my free apps

After posting my previous iPhone 4 post on free apps, I have added a few more free ones!

  1. Genius Scan : A camera for recording documents like a flatbed scanner.

  2. Vint Shift : A camera with tilt-shift lens simulation.

  3. Morelomo : A camera with lomo effects.

  4. Runkeeper Free : Helps keep track of your running.

  5. X Invasion 2 Lite : Nice little flight simulator.

  6. Grammar Jammers Primary Edition : Teaches basic grammer.

Multitask Apps

I've also discovered that double clicking on the big iPhone 4 front bottom button will show all multitasking programs running in the background. You can quickly switch between them. To kill them you just have to hold it long enough until it shakes. To get back to your apps page, just click the button again.

Create folders

To create your own folders just hold the apps icon till it shakes and then pull it together with another icon to form a folder. The phone will suggest a folder name which you can change.

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