Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lego City Space Moon Buggy 3365

Bought this recently at a local department store. Its a moon buggy and an astronaut. The six wheeled vehicle reminds me of an old sci-fi TV series which I watched as a small boy - Space 1999! Here are the pictures!

The minifig comes with a cap and a spacesuit. The spacesuit is mounted on the moon buggy when not in use. He is wearing the cap at the moment.

 Probably back in Houston testing the moon buggy. The buggy has a radar dish mounted high.

The back of the moon buggy has a foldable armature with a saw like device attached. It is meant to be used for gathering moon rock samples.

Testing the sample rock extractor.

Spacesuit on! It looks quite baulky and the booklet seems to suggest this is similar to the actual moon landing spacesuits. Urm... nah!

With spacesuit on and driving the moon buggy!

Quite a neat little set. The spacesuit looks kinda big. I may modify this somewhat as it looks quite plain at the moment.


gimj said...

Haha! I see you've been busy posting. Cool Stuff dude, Keep it up!!

Dawood Khan said...

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ben said...

Thanks! Glad you liked it.