Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lego Rebel Trooper Battle Pack 8083

Picked this up some time back and fixed it up. Its quite a good set with 4 minifigs from the Star Wars Hoth setting. These minifigs are Hoth Officer (1), Hoth Rebel Troopers (2) and Zev Senesca (1) in an orange flight suit ready to pilot a Snowspeeder. A vehicle is included, although it does not seem to be from any actual Star Wars movie or its related fictional world except Lego. On to the pictures!

Here's the set assembled. The vehicle fits on figure while the rest go on foot. There are enough weapons for each of the figures. The visor of the Rebel Troopers can be fitted over their heads or over their eyes. The Hoth Officer spots a moustache. All of them seem to look rather grim.

Here is a side view of the vehicle. There is a pair of cannons mounted and its intended for the driver to be the gunner as well. There is a bin in front of the cannon which I suppose a droid count be fitted for navigation control.

Another view of the vehicle. You can see that the missiles can be launched by pushing the tail end until they snap loose and fly - for a short distance.

Hoth Officer, trooper and Zev looking grim. The rebel base was eventually attacked and overrun by Imperial AT-AT and the ruthless Stormtroopers.

Rebels ready for action! One of the rebel trooper has his visor down and sports a rifle with scope.

It is possible to reconfigure the vehicle to allow a driver.

In this configuration, one trooper drives while another can focus on targeting the imperial scum. Zev can be seen leaving the stronghold to grab a Snowspeeder.

Another look at this new configuration.

Update: Apparently, the vehicle is called a Rebel Laser Ice-cutter and was used in the rebel Echo Base on Hoth. It appeared in one scene along with the Snowspeeders in the hanger. The Ice-cutters were used to cut out Echo Base from the ice. There was supposed to be a scene where Wampas attacked the base and which Luke manned one of these Ice-cutters to shoot down the Wampas. You can read more about it over here: Rebel Laser Ice-cutter

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