Monday, April 18, 2011

Lego Ninjago - Ninja Ambush 2258

"As part of his training to become the Spinjitzu Master of Fire, Kai is sent into the bamboo forest by Sensei Wu to protect the Golden Scythe. Hit the button to launch a surprise attack on Bonezai before he steals it!"

Saw this are Carrefour and hey... ninjas! Cool ninja! In Red! The official marketing tag line is pretty cheezy. Bonezai indeed! On to the pictures!

Here is the bamboo forest ambush prop. You can see the Golden Scythe on the right. That red tab would have given away the trap easily before Ninja Kai can fly.

Red ninja Kai! He looks intense and ready to slice!

Minifigs are not very poseable. But Kai manages to get by....

Here's how the ambush works. In reality, flight distance is limited and Kai will tumble all over the place.

Bonezai looking quite happy with a battle axe.

Ambush sequence! You can see Kai emerging from the bamboo trees and hacking Bonezai to a million pieces. Zai removes his ninja mask and you can see a scar right across his left eye.

Red Ninja Kai - Front

Red Ninja Kai - back

Here's Kai posing in front of our world travelling photojournalist.

"Great job Kai. The world owes you for removing Bonezai!"

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